ZTE looks to speed up 5G commercialization

New solution provides customers with integrated 5G infrastructure aligned with industry standards, ZTE says

SHANGHAI- Chinese vendor ZTE has announced the availability of its new 5G integrated solution, which is a suite of solutions for wireless access, core network and bearer network to help operators to speed-up the implementation of 5G commercial network deployments.

ZTE’s integrated solution, which was launched this week during Mobile World Congress Shanghai, uses a fully cloud-based network architecture design and provides customers with 5G network infrastructure. The vendor explained that the new offering will also offer support for related industry standards as they evolve.

ZTE’s new solution features a network slicing function, which supports multiple services and application scenarios, and is able to adapt to a wide-range of business models for operators and industrial verticals.

The new solution supports the integration of all bands and multiple access modes, and promotes multi-network operations to adapt to a variety of applications of 5G networks, ZTE said.

On the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, ZTE’s Chief Scientist Xiang Jiying told reporters the company has carried out a demonstration of the phase two prototype solution during the event. “This second phase prototype has been already trialed in the field with China Mobile and China Unicom,” he said.

The Chinese vendor is actively promoting “Pre5G” technologies to allow operators to transition from 4G to future networks. ZTE’s Pre5G massive MIMO solution applies key 5G technologies in existing 4G networks, and supports software upgrade to 5G.

The company has already deployed more than 60 Pre5G networks in 40 countries. In this field, ZTE has been cooperating with some carriers including Spanish telecoms group Telefonica, Japanese telco SoftBank and China Mobile, among others. In July 2015, SoftBank signed a memorandum of understanding with ZTE to collaborate on research and development on pre-5G mobile communications networks technology, including massive MIMO.

Xiang said that mobile operators from China, Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe have shown interest in ZTE’s massive MIMO networks. In Europe, interest is mainly coming from Italy and Spain, he added.

In December 2016, ZTE and Telefonica completed a massive MIMO live test in Madrid. New applications were also demonstrated in the trial such as virtual reality and 2K streaming videos. Tests used existing 4G devices, including ZTE and other smartphones, Also.

In January this year, ZTE launched what it claims to be the world’s first FDD-LTE massive MIMO antenna solution. ZTE had previously introduced a massive MIMO solution designed to allow current 4G networks to function as the core technology of its pre-5G solutions. (Source from RCRWirelessNews)

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