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Transcom Instruments Attends MWC 2018

The 24th Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC2018) kicked off on February 26 in the beautiful coastal city of Barcelona. As a representative enterprise of China’s testing equipment, Transcom Instruments participated in this event for the third consecutive year, competing with RF instruments manufacturers from Europe and the United States.

Transcom Instruments exhibited many wireless communications test products and solutions this year, including T5840 Matrix Vector Network Analyzer, High Performance USB VSG/VSA/VNA, Feeler DAS Power Loss Test Kit, Handheld Field Test Solution and IoT Scanner.

Transcom T5840 Matrix Vector Network Analyzer is designed for 5G MIMO antenna researcher and manufacturer. T5840 10 ports matrix VNA has much faster test speed and much more ports than traditional two ports VNA, it is an auto-test solution for multi-ports test which can improve test efficiency significantly. Also Transcom provides customize services on Commissioning work of production line, automatic quality detection and database management software.

According to feedback from Chinese MIMO antenna manufacturers, when comparing with traditional test solutions, T5840 can save 50% human resource and increase the production efficiency to 500%.  This is the first time T5840 appears in global exhibition, and it draws attention from world widely antenna manufacturers. In 2018, Transcom will launch 32 ports and 64 ports Matrix VNA, which will serve 5G MIMO antenna manufacturers better.

Meanwhile, T6 USB VNA is also exhibited in MWC 2018, it has a compact design and good specifications, also it has attractive price. T6 is suitable for middle and small-sized enterprises and research centers.

Transcom Handheld Field Test Solution is designed for the special portability requirement of RF field test based on the field test. The solution can handle station brief test, interference signal positioning, spectrum identification, cable & antenna system testing and other applications. While ensure the industry leading performance, it innovatively introduce Android OS as its operating system, to achieve a smartphone size and full touch operation, which helps user significantly reduce the labor costs of field testing and improve test efficiency. This time, the solution has drawn great attention by the relevant user groups.

Transcom Feeler DAS Power Loss Test Kit completely conquers the inefficiencies of existing DAS power loss tests and enables fully automated testing. Totally solves the efficiency problem that traditional test manually set frequency outputs and read the results hundreds of times. Transcom Solution reduce the test time-consuming hundreds of times from ten minutes down to 10 seconds level. As an industry’s first fully automatic DAS power loss test solution, in this MWC it has aroused great interest of many DAS systems providers.

On the USB VSG/VSA table, Transcom introduced G6 Vector Signal Generator and A6 Vector Signal Analyzer. G6 Vector Signal Generator is a high performance vector signal generator. It can generate arbitrary wave signal, continuous wave signal, common vector signal, analog and digital signal, standard wireless vector signal, standard radio signal and customized signal. G6 can satisfy most of the signal simulation practices and provide user continues customization services. A6 is a vector signal analyzer with compact design. With excellent testing performance and measurement sensitivity, A6 satisfies the testing requirements of the majority of RF signals. A6 satisfies the needs of general spectrum test, signal demodulation of GSM, WCDMA, LTE and NB-IoT signals.

Both A6 and G6 are modularized products, different with transitional instruments, A6 and G6 don’t have inbuilt control panel and screen. Instead, A6 and G6 can work with PC directly via USB ports. Benefit from their compact design, A6 and G6 can save more working space and cost for consumers. A6 and G6 are suitable for manufacturing industry and education purpose. Also for system integrator, we can provide PCB version products for them, with even smaller size and supplied API libraries, it will be easy to do secondary development. A6 and G6 have attracted much attention due to creative design and well performance.

This year in MWC, Transcom also released their IoT Scanner. It covers the test and measurements for narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and enhanced Machine-Type Communication (eMTC). The scanner is based on all-standard supported hardware with Transcom self-developed LPWAN analysis software. The instrument can measure and test cells deployed standalone, in-band or in guard band. Support switching to cell with strongest signal coverage in real time. Ultra-fast test speed and very high sensitivity make the instrument suitable for a variety of test environments, including road test. As a third-party test solution, Transcom IoT SCANER guaranteed the neutrality of test. It overcomes the disadvantages of conventional test solutions that does not support terminal handover. Transcom IoT Scanner has caused widespread concern by IoT operators in this year MWC.

RFHawk sensor and FoxHunt mobile monitoring receiver are also shown up in the MWC2018. Both RFHawk and FoxHunt are designed for monitoring, they can be individual products or a part of monitoring system. Both of them can do BTS signal demodulation, UAV detection, drive test, RF scanning, channel analysis, interference location support TDOA. Also system ODF is available for consumers.

Transcom Instruments, as the only RF test equipment manufacturer representing China, showcased the latest applications in several areas such as network maintenance, R & D, education and frequency management. This time we have gained wide attention and recognition from our partners and counterparts all over the world. At the same time Transcom also close observed the test instruments industry leader R & S and Keysight. We have learnt a lot from them.

MWC 2018 has come to an end, Transcom will summarize the experience and gains and losses of this exhibition, analyze and implement the market construction in key countries and prepare for the next international journey.

Goodbye Barcelona, see you next time at MWC 2019!