Transcom won Highest Company Award of China State Science and Technology Award

In January 8, 2017, China’s State Science and Technology Awards is held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang attend the ceremony with other China top officials. TD-LTE key techniques and application project has honored with State Preeminent Science and Technology Award, Transcom, emerged as the best candidate, has granted with highest company award.

Mobile communication is one of the critical infrastructure for the development of a country. As fourth generation(4G) of mobile telecommunication technology rapidly developed around the world since 2005, China has been develop new TD-LTE standards and core technologies and participate widely in global telecommunication development. Within the past 30 years, China has expand from huge telecommunication gap to one of the top 4G provider in the world. Along with the rapid development of TD-LTE industry in China, Transcom has launched a serious of testing, measurement and evaluation instruments for 4G telecommunication testing. Specially in MIMO channel simulation, mobile air interface analysis and optimization, and terminal and base station infrastructural testing, Transcom has developed various products and solutions for premium telecommunication operators.

As the top company award winner, Transcom will be continually promote innovative technology and provide high quality products and solutions toward fifth generation(5G) mobile telecommunication development.

The Wireless China Industry Summit 2015 was held successfully in Beijing on September 16 – 17, 2015. The Transcom Instrument attended this grand meeting along with its “Radio Monitoring and Spectrum Management System Integrated Solution”, categorically demonstrated such systems and solutions as “Radio Monitoring and Spectrum Management System”, “Map Information Platform for Radio Spectrum”, “Centered Management of Radio Stations and Big Data Analysis Platform”, “UAV Based Radio monitor platform”, “The First Android Based Portable Spectrometer”, etc. Many leaders, experts and peers of the industry, including Xie Feibo, director of Radio Management Bureau of MIIT, Liu Yan, the director of National Radio Monitor Center and National Radio Spectrum Management Center and Sun Zhenqiang, the director of the Radio Center of Beijing Research Institute of China Telecom, visited the Transcom’s exhibition stand.