Transcom Instruments is Invited to SDSNMCC 2017

On May 22th, 2017, Synergic Development of Satellite Navigation and Mobile Communication Conference is held at Shanghai International Exhibition Center.

Mr. Huang Zemian, Product Manager of Transcom Instruments, attends the conference and gives a brilliant keynote speech. Mr. Huang gives a brief introduction and analysis to the interference problems we faced when setting and maintaining Beidou Navigation System. How to improve satellite communication systems’ anti-interference abilities has become a hot topic recently. By introducing new types of test instruments, we can provide new solutions to interference detection, interference monitoring and interference locating.

Satellite communications systems feature long communication distance, large coverage area, geographic conditions stability and over-the-horizon communication ability. Satellite communications systems have been widely utilized in many fields such as marine communication, vehicle communication, airport communication and military communication. However, communication systems are interfered all the time. Under complex electromagnetic environment, harmonic signals and intermodulation signals will interfere the satellite communication system, when the interference level is beyond the system interference tolerance, some errors will happen to the receiving devices. Therefore, the improvement of interference monitoring technique has a deep meaning in improving satellite communication quality.

Generally, people can monitor the interference in many ways, but lack of troubleshooting solutions.

Navigation interference analysis analyzer (customized version of SpecMini) is jointly developed by
Transcom Instruments and Chinese National University of Defense Technology. It is a kind of handheld instrument which is quite suitable for searching weak signals, based on its spectrum analysis function, interference monitoring and locating function, it could do interference analysis and interference locating at the same time. It features light weight, compact size design, easy operation and excellent DANL: -168dBm.

Signal Band Analysis Mode 

Under this mode, users can do analysis to each Beidou navigation band, CNR loss and JNR could indicate the interference conditions. Meanwhile, the spectrum could be displayed on the screen, which make the interference signal visible.

Multi Band Analysis Mode

Also, user can do analysis to all Beidou navigation bands at the same time, the displayed chart will make the results being impressive.

Transcom Instruments founded in 2005 and headquartered in Shanghai, is a leading innovator and manufacturer of radio frequency and wireless communication testing instruments and professional solutions in China. Transcom has developed a full range of products and solutions adopted to the current testing market, including telecommunication, manufacturing, education and system integration. Transcom’s product portfolio breaks down to four categories: cellular network critical communication planning/maintenance/optimization, manufacturing testing solutions, educational instrument/equipment and spectrum monitoring sensors for system integration.