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At Transcom, we focus on wireless communication radio frequency testing and provide testing solutions targeted for mobile terminal, wireless network operation and manufacturing. Since its founding, we are committed to become China’s standard-setter for high-end wireless communication testing instruments. Its parent company, Shanghai Transcom Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, while Transcom, founded in 2005, headquarters in Shanghai, with national presence through subsidiaries or offices in Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Changsha and Wuhan.
“Industry, Learning, Research and Utility” is the guiding principle for Transcom’s product positioning and development. Economic benefits from market support our research and development, thus forming a positive cycle and driving Transcom for better growth. Years of efforts and development has won Transcom widespread recognition among insiders: Eagle series sweeper is a top choice among all domestic competitive products; GSM/TD-SCDMA double-mode sweeper occupies over 60% of market share in China; T5 series vector network analyzer is recognized by growing customers for its high cost performance; T6280 multi-mode terminal tester also leads the domestic market, and has been applied in mainstream terminal production lines; Transcom owns a number of core patents and technologies for wireless communication and microwave testing instruments, and is titled as National High-Tech Enterprise and Shanghai Enterprise Recognition Award for High Growth SMEs in Technology. In addition, we are selected as the builder of Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Wireless Communication Testing Instruments and awarded a series of major scientific research tasks of China and Shanghai.

While creating social benefits, Transcom always remember its social responsibility and is awarded “Outstanding Tax Payer of the Year” for consecutive years. At the same time, Transcom has been an active philanthropist, and donated teaching building for Transcom Central Primary School and Cishan Bridge.
Wireless communication and radio frequency microwave testing technology has long been the pillars of Transcom, and we keep learning from excellent companies overseas. Seizing the opportunity from industrial transformation in the 12th Five-Year Plan, Transcom, with feet standing firmly in wireless communication testing instruments, contribute its share by continuous innovation. At Transcom, we are committed to make Transcom a brand to be remembered in the rise of China’s high-end communication testing instrument in the future three to five years.

Product Quality

Transom employs strict quality controls for all stages from R&D to manufacturing and after-sales.
Development: Throughout the product development cycle of initiation, research, testing, acceptance, trial and publication, each step must be evaluated by the Technical Review Panel, and the development can only proceed to next stage after approval.
Manufacturing: product inspection to cover processing, warehousing, ex factory and delivery. QC Engineer is assigned to each process for in-process inspection, and manufactured products should be inspected again before warehousing. Ex factory and delivery inspection is a must to ensure that the customers receive high-quality products.

Environmental Protection

Our products are designed with low power consumption to save energy. Also, such design increase our products’ reliability and service life.
Top-notch production equipment is adopted to lower noise and decrease power consumption by production; RoHS certified materials are used, while “three wastes” (waste gas, waste water and waste residues) are minimized to prevent pollution to the environment; wastes are transported to qualified companies for bio-safety disposal to prevent hazard to the ecosystem.
We also put focus on energy saving in offices: when natural lighting is good, the lights should be turned off; idle printers, copiers and other appliances should be cut off after work; water-saving sanitary products are used.

Occupational Safety

At Transcom, we see talents as treasury to power our growth. Employees’ career development is of huge concern to us, and we combine it closely with our development. Every year, we hold professional training to enhance employees’ occupational ability, thus driving our own growth.
We keep a watchful eye on employees’ health and schedule paid vacation for employees according to national regulations. Employees receive physical examination at least once a year (twice for employees aged 45 or above).
We pay social insurance and provident fund to ensure employees devoted to work free of worry. Well-established occupational safety system increases employees’ loyalty and attracts talents to stay, thus safeguarding our rapid growth.