VNA catalog of Transcom in 2019 HD

Release Time: July 4, 2019 Size:  11MB 


Spectrum Analyzer catalog of Transcom in 2019 HD
Release Time: August 22, 2019 Size: 11MB


VSG/VSA catalog of Transcom in 2019 HD

Release Time: May 30, 2019 Size:  8MB 


Leaflet of Transcom in 2019 HD
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Release Time: May 30, 2019 Size: 12MB

[Application Note] SpecMini Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Application Note

This note will show what can SpecMini do and how to use SpecMini to test some important  parameters.
Release Time: Dec 11,2017 Size: 2.4 MB

[Application Note] SiteHawk Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer Application Note

SiteHawkis the world first hand-held intelligent cable and antenna analyzer powered by Android operating system.
Release Time: May 5,2017 Size: 1.59 MB

[Solution] Feeler DAS Power Loss Automatic Test Kit Solution

After finishing the construction of distribution system, three indexes will be tested and evaluated for performance:Passive Inter-modulation, Distribution System Standing-Wave Radio(SWR), and Distribution System Up/Down Link Power Loss Balance. Most common up/down link power loss testing is done by power meter and signal source. With every frequency point changes, testing parameters need to be changed as well, which normally takes more than half an hour. Transcom has provided a new set of testing instruments that reduce the traditional testing time into 5 seconds. With IB-TX Sweep Signal Sourceand IB-RX Sweep Signal Receiver, all frequency points testing results can be automatically output in one test, a signal person can perform the testing.
Release Time: April 9,2018 Size: 1.6 MB

[Solution] Wireless Network Planning and Optimization Solution

The combo of TSP scanner and transmitter could do optimization, or could be treat as a great solution for Propagation Model Tuning, In-building Distribution System, Clear Frequency Check, Wireless Network Coverage Optimization, Operators Network Coverage Comparison Analysis and many other problems.
Release Time: May 9,2017 Size: 2.76 MB

[Guide] Quick Start for TSP Scanner

Eagle Digital Receiver sweep-frequency system enables real-time air interface data collection.
Release Time: November 17,2016 Size: 2.19 MB

[Application Note] TSP Scanner Specifications and Applications

Scanner is a network testing equipment that provide system channel information and cell information. This high performance digital scanner can provide network testing, tuning, interference and optimization solutions. High speed, sensitivity, accuracy and wide dynamic range make it faster diagnosis of network problems.
Release Time: December 17,2015 Size: 1.04 MB

[Report] Singapore FDD-LTE DT Report

The area testing is in Bugis area near the Masijid Sultan then down to Raffles Blvd, Raffles Ave, all the way to CDB and up to China town on 16 September 2014 8pm.
Release Time: December 14,2015 Size: 1.42 MB

[White Paper] Application of Scanner in the Optimization and Maintenance of NB-IoT Network

With the commercial deployment of NB-IoT networks in the second half of 2016, the optimization of NBIoT networks has become the focus of work, focusing on the complexity of existing network frame and the uniqueness of NB-IoT networks. For NB-IoT, mainstream operators have successively proposed its network optimization testing requirements. The drive test is becoming as a regular test, and wireless air interface data collection should be performed regularly. Among them, coverage measurement with scanner is one of the necessary testing tasks. This article describes the importance of the drive test in the NB-IoT network optimization test and the main application of the Transcom IoT Scanner in the network optimization.
Release Time: June 7,2017 Size: 4 MB

[Solution] A Introduction of Internet of Things Standards and Coverage Measurement Solution

The flood of new IoT devices and applications coming onto the market are made possible by the latest advances in connectivity. Unlicensed short-range technologies like ZigBee and long-range technologies like LoRa have allowed anyone with an idea to create IoT apps for mass market deployments. But licensed technologies like narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), enhanced Machine Type Communications (eMTC) and Enhanced Coverage GSM (EC-GSM) are also gaining traction with operators offering IoT services through their existing cellular networks. If you are not familiar with IoT. We will give you a brief introduction of IoT Standards and coverage measuring Solution.
Release Time: December 18,2017 Size: 920 KB

[Datasheet] IoT Scanner Datasheet

IoT SCANER covers the test and measurements for narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and enhanced Machine-Type Communication (eMTC). Ultra-fast test speed and very high sensitivity make the instrument suitable for a variety of test environments, including road test.

Release Time: October 16,2017 Size: 949KB

[Poster] Vector Network Analyzer Basic

VNA basic knowledge poster.
Release Time: Sept 20,2017 Size: 1.10 MB

[Application Note] Vector Network Analyzer Application Note

This note will show what can VNA do and what parameters are important when carrying a test.
Release Time: Dec 11,2017 Size: 1.15 MB

[White Paper] Automatic Test Solution

Automatic Test Solution of Multi-Port Devices With increasingly severe competition in the mobile communication manufacturing industry, what seems important to win is to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. The solution in the paper can help to effectively solve the problems of manufacturers.
Release Time: December 24,2015 Size: 369 KB

[White Paper] Cable Measurement Procedure

Cable measurement procedure with vector network analyzer.
Release Time: May 13,2019 Size: 130 KB

[Application Note] G6 Vector Signal Generator

G6 vector signal generator is a high performance vector signal generator. It supports arbitrary wave signal, continuous wave signal, common vector signal, simulation and digital modulation, standard wireless vector signal, standard radio signal and customized signal.
Release Time: March 30,2017 Size: 1.01 MB

[Report] TDOA Case Study: Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Interference Location

Modified TDOA Algorithm Improve Old Device Performance Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Spectrum Management System.  Transcom Modified TDOA Algorithm can save your cost and make your devices work better.

Release Time: Dec 11,2017 Size: 1.15 MB

[White Paper] TDD spectrum white paper

TDD spectrum white paper
Release Time: January 24,2017 Size: 1.65 MB

[Application Note] HZ Map System

By combining geographic information with multi-demensions(time domain, frequency domain, space domain, energy domain, etc.) to demonstrate and visualize radio signal onto a map.
Release Time: May 5,2017 Size: 2.71 MB

[Application Note] TY800 Leaky Cable Monitoring System

With the rapid development of High-Speed Railway(HSR) in China, railway digital mobile communication system has became a significant part in daily operation. In order to ensure the stable operation of railway GSM-R system, leaky cables are laid beneath railway tunnel. However, one of the feature of leaky cable is multiple connectors and adapters, and this particular feature often cause loose joints and corrosion damage, thus cause increase in transmission loss. GSM-R network signal quality in the tunnels will be weaken and even interrupted. Performance of leaky cable is the key for stable and safe operation of railway GSM-R network system.
Release Time: April 26,2017 Size: 1.96 MB

[Application Note] Modules for System Integration

Transcom provides vector signal generator module and vector signal analyzer module for system integrators, with provided .step files and API libraries, system integrator can do structural design and software secondary easily.

Release Time: March 30,2018 Size: 908 KB

[Datasheet] Matrix Vector Network Analyzer T5840 Datasheet

Transcom provides 10 ports matrix VNA to consumers, 32 ports version and 64 ports version will be avaiable soon, different with competitors’ products, every ports of Transcom Matrix VNA has it’s own signal source.

Release Time: June 16,2017 Size: 1 MB

[Application Note] PATHRROT X2 Channel Emulator Application Note

The Pathrrot X2 channel emulator supports a wide range of channel models and specifically, focuses on the various channel models proposed in the broadband communication standards.It provides a powerful test method for dealing with the current and upcoming 4G/5G channel emulation challenges.
Release Time: June 16,2017 Size: 817 KB

[Application Note] Navigation Relevant Products and Solutions

Mature navigation simulators and solutions, widely used in Beidou Navigation relevant industry in China.
Release Time: July 7,2017 Size: 3.60 MB

G6 Vector Signal Generator Newsletter [HD]

G6 Vector Signal Generator Newsletter HD

Release Time: August 5, 2019 Size:  21MB 

T6 USB VNA Newsletter [HD]

T6 USB VNA Newsletter HD

Release Time: August 5, 2019 Size:  33MB 

2-Port VNA Newsletter [HD]

2-Port VNA Newsletter HD

Release Time: July 16, 2019 Size:  6MB 

SpecMini Newsletter [HD]

SpecMini Newsletter HD

Release Time: July 8, 2019 Size:  3MB 

4-Port VNA Newsletter [HD]

4-Port VNA Newsletter HD

Release Time: July 1, 2019 Size:  4MB