TSP 5G NR Scanner & Transmitter

TSP 5G NR Scanner & Transmitter

5G NR Scanner & Transmitter

TSP 5G NR System is a comprehensive platform based on powerful full-standard scanner and analysis software. It can automatic scan and analyze 5G NR air interface signals at high speed.

TSP Transmitter series is a special instrument for indoor and outdoor signal coverage simulation test and signal interference evaluation test. The main function of 5GNR transmitter equipment is to simulate the output of continuous wave signal, modulation signal, interference signal and so on, that is, to simulate the pilot signal transmitted by the actual base station.

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TSP 5G NR Scanner

  • Support 700MHz-6GHz full-band test (support customized to 10MHz-6GHz)
  • Support 5G NR multi-band simultaneous test (smooth up-grade multi-standard)
  • Support high-speed continuous wave test (non-demodula-tion) and broadband signal sweep test (demodulation)
  • Support full-band spectrum test, detect network signal peak value, assist analysis of interference in modulation sig-nal, displaying three-dimensional spectrum
  • Frequency sweeping speed can be adjusted by users, and can be applied to different scenarios, such as high-speed railway, highway, general road and indoor test, etc.
  • Support system information decoding, output MIB/SIB1 re-lated information (optional)
  • Support AutoPostBack function (optional)

TSP 5G NR Transmitter

  • Broadband equipment: T3919AS frequency range 700 MHz – 6000 MHz, frequency adjustment step 10 kHz;
  • High power regulation range: 0 ~ 43dBm (20W), power adjustment step 0.5dB;
  • Support 5G NR modulation signal output;
  • Support 2/3/4G/NB-IoT/e-MTC modulation signal output;
  • Support continuous wave CW (700MHz – 6000MHz) signal output (frequency band customizable);
  • Set power, frequency and other parameters by remote control through cell phone application, effective operating distance of 10m, reduce high-power radiation damage to human body;
  • Portability: Integrative design, small size, light weight;
  • External large capacity battery can work for 5 – 8 hours continuously, which is very suitable for using in complex outdoor environment.
  • Flexible configuration, frequency band, power and protocol can be customized according to user’s needs.

5G NR Scanner

Typical applications

  • Correction of propagation mode
  • Frequency clearing test and interference checking
  • Analysis of Network Coverage, Interference and Neighborhood Optimization
  • Network Structure Quality Assessment
  • Indoor Coverage Test

5G NR Transmitter

Typical applications

  • Support subcarrier inter val: 15 kHz, 30 kHz, (later upgrade support 60 kHz, 120 kHz, 240 kHz);
  • Support modulation bandwidth: maximum 100MHz;
  • Support TDD and FDD mode, fast configuration to generate 5GNR modulation signal and continuous wave signal;
  • Support downlink signals of PSS, SSS, CSI-RS, PBCH-DMRS, PDSCH-DMRS, PDSCH-PTRS and PDCCH-DMRS;
  • Support uplink Channels and Signals: PUSCH, PUSCH-DMRS, PUSCH-PTRS, PUCCH, PRACH, SRS;
  • Support high dynamic power tuning range: 0dBm~43dBm;
  • Supports the following frequenc y range of Sub6: 700MHz-6000MHz

5G NR Scanner

Propagation model tuning

Automatic detection of P-SCH and S-SCH channels, reporting RSSI, RP, RQ, CINR, Timing, Beam ID and other parameters information

Automatic detection of DM-RS channel, reporting RSSI, RP, RQ, CINR, Timing, Beam ID and other parameters information

Support SSB testing, report RSSI, RP, RQ, CINR, Timing, Beam ID and other parameters information

MIB/SIB Decoding: Measuring and reporting subcarrier spacing; SSB subcarrier offset and other parameter information

Software Testing Front Desk

The test plan can be defined freely, combined freely and presented in various ways. The software provides trajectory, time domain, frequency domain, list and so on.

Supporting database import function, it can check data errors and automatically generate errors and missing cell reports.

Supporting the import and export of test data, test data can generate ‘.csv’, ‘KML ‘ and other formats, which can be imported into third-party planning software for network planning, and also can be analyzed based on Google Earth.

Supporting data playback and parameter display, customizing test reports, automatically generating thematic test reports, trajectory diagrams, statistics and other information

Software Analysis Background

Support a variety of map data formats (including online maps, three-dimensional maps, administrative maps, satellite imagery maps).

Supports sweep data coverage classes, such as cross-area coverage, overlapping coverage, weak coverage and so on.

Supporting network structure analysis, providing overlap coverage, redundancy coverage, interference index analysis, etc.

Support for automatic problem point report output Support function customization.

5G NR Scanner

5G NR Scanner

Measurement mode(P-SS/S-SS) & PBCH
Data modeRSSI, RP, RQ, CINR, Timing, Beam ID
Subcarrier spacing15/30kHz
Measuring speed @(100MHz)>20channel/sec
Beam Detection Ability in cells>10dB
Detection Capability of the Same Frequency Cell>7dB
Detection sensitivity:-130dBm
Level Measurement Accuracy±1dB
RF Characteristic
CW Measurement Rate >800 Channel/sec
Spectrum measurement range700MHz-6000MHz
Operation electrical level-15 dBm Max.
Safety input electrical level≤ 10 dBm
Frequency accuracy± 0.05 ppm (GPS Locked ); ± 0.1 ppm (GPS Unlocked)
Power (+8 to +16 VDC) 20W
Size; Weight275×150×120 mm;2.6Kg
Temperature rangeOperating: 0°C to + 50°C; Storage: - 40°C to + 85°C
Communication interfaceLAN
RF input RF: SMA Female(50Ω); GPS: SMA Female(50Ω);

5G NR Transmitter

ModelT3919AS (700MHz-6000MHz)T3919A700MHz-2700 MHz)
Applicable Network System

Electrical Characteristic
Output Power(Peak) 0dBm~43dBm(20W)
Frequency Step10kHz
Power Step0.5dB
Power AccuracyTypical:±1dB; Maximum:±1.5 dB
Spectrum ModeCW mode, Pilot mode
Out-of-band Spurious≤-50dBc (beyond the operating frequency of 200kHz)
Second Harmonic≤-15dBc ( Typical)
Phase Noise<-90dBc/Hz @1GHz 20kHz offset
Operating Temperature0 ~ +50℃
Storage Temperature-40°C ~ +70°C
Mechanical Features
Dimension200×110×230 mm (20W)
Weight4.5 kg
RF InterfaceN-type female connector
Power Supply220 V AC;28V DC;max power consumption: 140W
Communication InterfaceWiFi

5G NR Scanner

1TSP 5G NR Scanner
2Transcom TSP- Wireless Environment Assessment and Analysis System Software
3Dongles, data cable and disk
4General antenna of scanner for indoor and outdoor
5GPS antenna
6Scanner Battery Kit (include Battery, Charger, Test Pack)

5G NR Transmitter

T3919AS(20W)TSP 5G NR Transmitter
TSPT-AS0015m length with N-type connector(NJ-NJ connect cable SVY-50-5)
TSPT-AS0025dBi Omni directional antenna 870MHz-960 MHz
TSPT-AS0035dBi Omni directional antenna 1710MHz-1990 MHz
TSPT-AS0045dBi Omni directional antenna 2000MHz-2200 MHz
TSPT-AS0055dBi Omni directional antenna 2300MHz-2400 MHz
TSPT-AS0066dBi Omni directional antenna 2500MHz-2700 MHz
TSPT-AS0075dBi Omni directional antenna 3400MHz-3600 MHz
TSPT-AS0085dBi Omni directional antenna 4800MHz-5000 MHz
TSPT-AS009Tripod, to mount antenna for the field test
TSPT-AS010Draw bar box
TSPT-AS011Portable carrying case
TSPT-AS012Battery suite (battery,charger,cable)
TSPT-AS013Power Adapter (28V/5A);max power consumption:140W
TSPT-AS014TP-LINk USB wireless adapter(TL-WDN5200)
TSPT-AS015Transmitter control APP
TSPT-AS0165dBi Omni directional antenna 698-960MHz 1710-2700MHz