Electronic Calibration Module

Electronic Calibration Module

Transcom Electronic Calibration Modules (TECM) are ideal for users who want fast and easy calibration of various VNAs. (Refer to 1.2 Vector Network Analyzer Compatibility). This TECMs are powered up via USB or 5.5 DC connector and communicate with VNA via USB or LAN and designed for full one-port through four-port calibrations of VNAs by one-push START button.
These units work as host systems, measure and calculate calibration coefficients and send it to VNA.

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  • Provide various VNAs compatibility, include Transcom VNA series and Keysight E5071C
  • Single-connection for full N-port calibration
  • Easy port extension using RF adaptor and microSD memory
  • Embedded operating system communicates with VNA directly (No need external PC and software)
  • Easy firmware update for more VNAs compatibility and more functionality
  • Adaptor Port Extension

Many kinds of Electronic Calibration Kit with different connector types used for fast and easy calibration. TECMs offers easy and cost-effective solution for port connector type change just by connecting RF adaptor and microSD memory before start calibration.
Transcom provide various high-performance RF adaptors optionally. Characteristic data files of RF adaptor stored in microSD memory in binary and touchstone format provided together.

  • Thermal Compensation

Thermal compensation is used to enhance TECM calibration accuracy in the entire range of the displayed TECM temperatures of 20°C to 30°C.
TECM can be work out of range of recommended temperature but accuracy can be degraded. Temperature dependence data of TECM impedance states is collected and stored internal memory. Displayed temperature on front OLED is RF module temperature of TECM and can be different with room temperature.

  • Vector Network Analyzer Compatibility

VNAs manufacturer provide Electronic Calibration Kit solution but most of all Electronic Calibration Kit can work on same manufacturer’s VNAs only.
TECM provide cost-effective calibration solution to user by supporting various VNA models. TECM is compatible with Transcom T series VNA and Keysight E5071C

Model Connector type Frequency range
Port 1 Port 2
C9502A 3.5mm, female 3.5mm, female 100 kHz to 9.5 GHz
C9502N N-type, female N-type, female 100 kHz to 9.5 GHz




Frequency range
100 kHz ~

10 MHz

10 MHz ~

2 GHz

2 GHz ~

9.5 GHz

Directivity (dB) > 35 > 45 > 42
Source match (dB) > 32 > 42 > 40
Load match (dB) > 32 > 42 > 40
Reflection tacking (dB) < 0.12 < 0.08 < 0.07
Transmission tracking (dB) < 0.15 < 0.1 < 0.07


Parameter C9502A/ C9502N
Impedance 50 Ohm
Operating Temperature +20°C ~ +30°C
Port max power +10 dBm
Port max DC voltage 10 V
Ethernet interface LAN/micro USB
DC supply 5V/500mA, F5.5
Dimension 94.5 x 108 x 28.5 mm
Weight 343 g