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Transcom SpecMini handheld spectrum analyzer

The SpecMini handheld spectrum analyzer made by the Chinese company Transcom is a compact and light instrument (weighs less than 1 kg) and is really used as a smartphone, as it is based on the Android operating system .

It offers respectable measurement characteristics, with an analysis capacity that extends over the 9 kHz to 6 GHz band , but above all it is constantly updated and enhanced in its software measurement functions, transforming it into a tool suitable for a wide range of applications. , from spectrum monitoring to interference detection, from the commissioning of radio systems to troubleshooting.

The basic measurement characteristics include a background noise (DANL) of -168 dBm / Hz (@ 1GHz) and an adjustable frequency resolution (RBW) between 10 Hz and 5 MHz, the ability to operate in ‘zero span’ mode , to visualize the occupation of the spectrum in cascade mode (waterfall) and to perform all the classic analyzes typical of professional spectrum analyzers, such as the band occupied by the channel, power in the adjacent channel (ACPR) and so on.

Transcom then gradually introduced new optional measurement functions that can be activated via software, including the AoA (Angle of Arrival) option , which allows the direction and location of the interfering signal to be established via the built-in GPS , the CDD option , which allows to demodulate the digital signal , providing both the constellation diagram and the EVM (Error Vector Magnitude) value to evaluate the quality of the modulation.

Finally, the CW option allows, using the built – in GPS and the “Open Street Map” maps, to carry out the coverage analysis of a signal on the territory.

All interactions with the instrument take place in native mode as if it were a smartphone (thanks to Android) and the screen can also be divided into several windows to keep under control multiple parameters of the signal under examination simultaneously.