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5G Millimeter Wave Test White Paper Released

At the end of 2018, a 5g millimeter wave test white paper drafted jointly by people from Southeast University, Qualcomm, China Mobile, Keysight, Rhode Schwartz and Transcom Instruments, was released at the Future Mobile Communication Forum (FuTURE Forum).

Today, spectrum resources are becoming increasingly limited, millimeter wave has become an inevitable choice to achieve a good vision of 5G. The industry expects that in the 6G and future mobile communication era, the operating frequency of the system will be over 100GHz or even terahertz (THz) band. Therefore, millimeter wave technology means a new era for mobile communications, and brings a full range of challenges to the design and testing of communication systems at the same time.

In recent years,  test instrument enterprises, communication equipment manufacturers, operators and related research institutions all over the world have carried out research and development of 5G millimeter wave test technology in their respective fields. After more than one year’s research, experiment and discussion, the related materials were sorted out and the V1.0 version white paper was formed. Starting from the background, current situation and significance of 5G millimeter wave, according to the main technical characteristics of millimeter wave, the white paper condenses the problems that need to be solved urgently in testing, and introduces the system environment needed for 5G millimeter wave testing and the basic methods for terminal equipment testing.


5G Millimeter Wave Test White Paper (8MB)