5G CW Scanner

5G CW Scanner

5G CW Scanner

5G CW Scanner is an integrated platform based on CW scanner and analysis software. It is used for automatically sweeping and scanning CW signals at high speed. It supports RSSI scanning in 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G bands (support band customization in 700MHz – 5000MHz). It also supports spectrum analysis of 5G bands. The output results include RSSI and location information. The instrument can be widely applied in future 5G network survey and planning.

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  • Support CW drive and walk test for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G (support band customization in 700MHz – 5000MHz)
  • The scanning speed is adjustable to adapt to various applications, such as high-speed railway, highway, ordinary road and indoor tests.
  • Support automatic testing without PC. Test states can be remotely monitored, and data can be automatically transmitted back to the server with built-in 8GB memory.

Product features

Support 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G CW test (support band customization in 700MHz – 5000MHz)
High-speed measurement for various scenes
Automatic testing

Typical applications

Propagation model tuning test
Frequency check test

Propagation model tuning

The propagation model correct test is necessary to network planning. When test phone fails as a result of limitations, scanner is required. In the test process, TSP transmitter is used for transmitting CW signals in 5G bands, and 5G CW Scanner, is used for scanning the fading and transmission distance. Data can be directly used for model tuning in planning software.
Solutions: 5G CW Scanner is used for receiving CW signals from the transmitter, collecting signal parameters including geographic information by DT testing, and importing data into the planning software to adjust model parameters.

Frequency check

Solutions: The frequency check test should be performed within the planned frequency range before network planning and building, to know whether the frequency range is occupied or interfered. When 5G CW Scanner is used in the spectrum mode, the specific interference and occupation within the planned frequency range of urban roads can be analyzed based on spectrum, to evaluate whether the frequency range meet the operating requirements

CW Mode

Frequency range

support band customization in 700MHz – 5000MHz

Power measurement accuracy




Measurement rate

700 channels/sec


Storage temperature

-40 to 70

Operating temperature

0 to 50

Communication interface



230 x 125 x 100 mm






5G CW scanner

Standard Software/License



Data collecting and analyzing software


5G(CW) license

Standard Accessories



RF omnidirectional antenna


GPS antenna


Data Cable (3m)


Portable box


COEAG USB license


Power adapter


Battery Kit (option)